Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dante's Inferno Review

The other day I picked up Dante's Inferno from Walmart for $20. I was skeptical at first as to whether I should buy and play it because it didn't seem to have been bought to much seeings how i got the "Divine Edition".

As soon as I started playing I realized that this game was going to be pretty fun. Now i don't really want to spoil any thing for people who haven't played the game but basically Dante is going all through hell after a christian crusade trying to save his girlfriend.

Now i really like the leveling system in this game because you can go two way holy or unholy i personally went unholy and maxed everything out by the end and started into the holy. Either you give the souls redemption or condemn them and you level up holy or unholy and buy new abilities. Relics are also a big part in this game you put these in you item slots and they give you bonus's such as 10% more unholy experience and many other bonus's  as there are many as there are many relics.

Now the fighting itself to compare it to another game it is similar to god of war. While i was playing i found myself dying more from falling than anything else and i don't think i ever really died in a fight. The game had other good element too such ass a puzzle element to the game which gave it a nice refresh instead of always fighting.

The bosses in this game were nothing too difficult. Every one went down relatively easy you just follow the movement dodge the attacks and either follow the quick time event or I just mashed triangle. Now I felt that the bosses that you fought just head on with a health bar were a little easy but overall fun.

Now I did beat the game in one day but i felt that the $20 i paid justified the purchase however i felt the game was a little short. Even though then game had a few annoying aspects such ass falling of cliffs very often i would give this game a 8/10. I justify this with the game being a little to easy the game and the game a little to short.